The Escorts and the Best Times for You

The Escorts and the Best Times for You

According to the rules of social and business etiquette, wealthy men held in life cannot come to events alone. It is customary that at social events, corporate parties, informal business meetings, negotiations, public events, a companion of a wealthy man should be a young and very attractive person. A beautiful woman in such cases is a mandatory confirmation of the image and solidity of a gentleman.

But far from always successful, and therefore always busy men, there is time to look for a worthy couple. That is why today a very popular service is escort or escort service. Read more at

What are they girls providing escort services?

Depending on the upcoming event, escorting a rich man may require diverse abilities, skills and knowledge from the girl. Often, an escort woman only needs a well-groomed and chic appearance that combines the ability to stay in the highest circle, intelligence, restraint, tact, a sense of humor, the ability to communicate and maintain a conversation on any topic.

Knowledge of as a minimum one foreign language happens to be also a criterion for a girl, especially if escort to another country is necessary for a business meeting or travel. The presence of a higher education, sports sexy figure, charm, the presence of a diploma of the faculty of psychology or foreign language – this is what is very common among girls involved in the field of escort.

Naturally, the range of services that girls from an escort can offer is much more extensive. The girls employed in the service sector of wealthy and influential men are subject to increased selection requirements.

That is why, girls can offer and surprise their companion:

  • Make a relaxing or erotic massage.
  • Play the piano or other musical instrument.
  • Sing in a posed voice.
  • Dance, etc.

Do not think that all the girls involved in the field of escort are girls on call. Continuation of the evening with intimacy is possible only at the request of the prostitute herself.

Types of escort service

Services of this kind can be different, depending on the needs and wishes of the man:

  • The classic accompaniment.
  • Accompanied on vacation.
  • Content for the long term.

A classic escort is an escort of a wealthy gentleman at a business meeting, official social events to maintain the image.