3 Tips for Moving Inventory Safely

Safety is key not just for employees moving inventory around but for the inventory itself. You can’t sell damaged merchandise, and you can’t operate a warehouse without adhering to health and safety codes. Here are some tips for moving inventory safely.

  1. Pick the Right Casters

It’s important to keep inventory safe when you’re moving it. A good method to achieve this is to use¬†shock isolating casters. This equipment is meant to reduce vibrations when you’re moving items or transferring them from the ground to transportation like a truck. Different casters exist for different products. You can find casters that are designed for heavy-lifting, speed and noise control, among other features. Casters can help you easily, efficiently and safely transport goods across warehouse floors and by land, air or sea.

  1. Schedule Inspections

You should hold inspections regularly to ensure your storage space is up to safety codes and standards. Visually inspect the inventory itself and perform thorough checks and maintenance on any equipment employees use. You should also review health and safety protocols and any manual storage systems or procedures employees use to ascertain their safety. Hold both regularly scheduled and surprise inspections to be sure proper safety procedures are being followed.

  1. Use Space Effectively

The way you set up and organize storage space can have a huge impact on how efficient and safe that space is for inventory and employees. In a modern warehouse, layouts are planned for housing inventory in the short-term rather than for long periods. Make sure you assess the space you need for your inventory, find ways to make storage flexible and ensure employees have space to move items easily and ergonomically.

You need to keep both your employees and your inventory in mind when thinking about transporting goods safely. Have the right equipment and protocols in place to protect your workforce and product at the same time.